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Andrew Alfred is the Chief Scientist at LivWell Enlightened Health, a vertically integrated national cannabis company headquartered in Denver, CO. His primary responsibility is managing a Research & Development team that focuses on integrating best cultivation practices in indoor cannabis. Some highlights of his work include scaling micropropagation to meet commercial demands, working closely with top LED manufacturers to innovate horticultural solutions in lighting, and implementing state of the art fertigation equipment that both automates nutrient delivery and recaptures leachate and condensate to be recycled back to the plants. He is also very involved in community relations, sitting on several public-private stakeholdering committees such as Denver's Cannabis Sustainability Work Group where they engage all sides of the industry as well as the consumer to promote sustainable best practices. Andrew received a B.S. in Biology from Indiana University and in his free time plays bass in a local symphony orchestra and loves to play soccer when he's not recovering from one of his many injuries (all soccer related).

Andrew Alfred

LivWell Enlightened Health

Growers, meet utilities. Utilities, meet growers.

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