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Before she was VP of global commercial operations at Fluence—even before she was a marine biologist—Corinne Wilder was an explorer. Growing up just outside Fairfield Lake State Park, where the prairie and pine lands of East Texas merge, Corinne and her sister spent every available moment immersed in nature’s sights, sounds and smells. As kids, they would pack bags of cheese and apples and search for ancient pieces of broken pottery and Native American arrowheads scattered throughout the park. A flying squirrel named Frisbee and a 6-point buck named Hope were frequent companions on her adventures and helped to instill in Corinne a love of biological and botanical sciences that led her on the path she still travels today. Corinne has spent her career fusing her childhood love for science with the rigors of international business development. She earned a bachelor’s degree in ecology and marine biology from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, where she took particular interest in genetics, cell biology and plant science. A few years later, she entered the lighting industry at Universal Lighting Technologies and Panasonic (ULT), where she tracked LED sales forecasting and demand planning and was responsible for reviewing energy standards and codes for lighting technology. She earned a master’s degree in business administration from Lipscomb University in 2014, rounding out her career at ULT which covered multiple disciplines from customer service, technical engineering, marketing, lead generation, business development, and sales management. In 2016, Corinne started as manager of sales operations at Fluence, where she was responsible for all internal sales teams and resources before eventually becoming Fluence’s VP of global commercial operations. Today, she is responsible for all business reporting and analytics for internal operations, heading the company’s commercial support teams, including the utility rebates and incentives program, and directing internal processes to meet global strategic goals for the cannabis and commercial food markets.

Corinne Wilder

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