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Fran Boucher, CEM, LEED AP works as an Energy Program Specialist with National Grid and has over 25 years of energy and facilities engineering experience. He has led National Grid’s program design and engineering effort for the Cannabis production market in MA and RI since its inception. This includes involvement in 25 plus customer projects ranging from 1500 to 500,000 Sf of canopy area. The bulk of these projects include, complex, highly efficient HVAC systems. An increasing number of applications involve; fuel cells, combined heat and power and gas engine driven chillers. As an early adopter for utilities involved in this market, he has experienced challenges of all kinds including; evolution of the State lighting power standards, changes in market design practices, reworking of failed HVAC designs. Learning the hard way, he as unpacked multiple examples with energy savings falling well short of expectations. He has delivered trainings, and professional presentations, on this topic in venues that include; Cannabis World Expo in Boston, New England Real Estate Journal Cannabis Conference and the Boston Society of Architects Summer Study, and webinars by E Source and the Resource Innovation Institute. He has worked with professionals across the county researching this topic, crafting guidelines for utility incentives and reviewing energy savings analysis for numerous growing facility efficiency projects. Over the past 15 years is speaking resume includes dozens of national and regional presentations for; ASHRAE, Labs 21, ACEEE, New Buildings Institute and Boston Society of Architects, NESEA and more.

Fran Boucher

National Grid

Panel 1: Growers, meet utilities. Utilities, meet growers / Panel 2: Best practices from utility program models

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