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Jesce Horton is an engineer by education, an energy management and automation expert through training, and a horticulturalist by passion. In 2013, soon after moving to Portland, OR, Jesce began growing medical cannabis in his home for two elderly patients who were suffering with cancer, pain and insomnia. After having success in cannabis cultivation, Jesce founded LOWD, a Tier I indoor connoisseur focused cultivation facility in metro Portland. Also, he co-founded the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), the first and largest non-profit organization founded to create equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, their patients, and the communities most affected by the war on drugs. Due to his past work in industrial energy efficiency and recent cannabis success, Oregon’s own Governor Kate Brown appointed Jesce to the Task Force for Cannabis Environmental Best Practice. He has continued this work through joining the Board of Directors for the Resource Innovation Institute (RII), an organization that is building the central platform for energy issues and collaboration in the cannabis industry. This year, he was elected Chairman of the Board to help RII develop a market-driven certification standard to propel adoption of energy-efficient grow techniques. As a result of his hard work and dedication to making positive contributions to the cannabis industry, Jesce has been featured by numerous publications like the Guardian, The Washington Post, Cannabis Business Times, Marijuana Business Magazine and USA Today. Additionally he has served on numerous federal, state and local cannabis regulatory advisory committees that have helped shape the legal cannabis market in Oregon and California. Jesce sees it as his mission to leverage his resources and experience to make a positive and sustaining impact in the cannabis industry: “Cannabis has the ability to do amazing good in our society, but the industry will never reach its full potential without keeping sustainable business practices, like diversity and environmental efficiency, as core principles of development and growth.” Last year, with his wife and notable industry executive, Jeannette Ward Horton, Jesce founded an historic initiative initially funded by the City of Portland, the Nu Leaf Project. This new non-profit will deliver grants, educational resources, job matching assistance and entrepreurial services to cannabis business owners and career hopefuls. In his spare time, Jesce bikes and runs with his dog Buddha and 2 year old son, Tabor, in his beloved hometown of Portland, OR.

Jesce Horton


Panel 1: Perspectives on Indoor Agriculture: How drug policy led to illicit indoor production, and its effect on energy and society/ Panel 2: Growers, meet utilities. Utilities, meet growers.

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