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Matthew Gaboury is a managing partner of Calyx King, one of the country’s preeminent cannabis-centric design/build firms with over 50 combined years of experience in cultivating, processing, and dispensing marijuana. In addition, he is an owner of the medicinal and recreational cannabis production/processing company Re-Up Industries and the genetics/cultivation company House of Cultivar. Mr. Gaboury’s cannabis cultivation practice has provided intense hands-on experience with a range of genetics, methodologies, and facilitytypes, and has resulted in his development of specific technologies and proprietary protocols to maximize both the quality and yield of the cannabis cultivars under his care. This methodological expertise includes deep water culture, ebb & flood, nutrient film technique, living soil organic mediums, coco coir, soma beds, hydroponic containers, and aeroponics. In roles as both cannabis advisor and cultivation owner, he regularly converts vision into reality through architectural design skills of the highest class and over a decade of agricultural experience. Matt’s ability with the tools and the creative energies of design come from combining careers in architecture and horticulture: with degrees in structural engineering, industrial design, and a Master degree in Architecture, Matt has now spent more than 10 years building hands-on cannabis experience. His focus is particularly set on the design of industrial scale cutting-edge cultivation/processing operations that emphasis sustainability, and has designed over 75 large scale indoor production facilities, including his company's own 50,000 square foot operation in the heart of Seattle. In an effort to reduce the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint, Mr. Gaboury is a committed conservationist and innovator in pragmatic sustainability. He has previously worked for the University of South Florida School of Sustainability to help design a digital architecture that uses 70% less electricity than average. His innovative design and operational procedures have reduced the aggregate carbon footprint of cannabis production facilities across the United States by 2,027,500 watts, which equates to 15,111,480+ kW hours of electric usage per year. Mr. Gaboury won the World Architecture Community Award for an architectural curtain wall system that automatically follows the sun's path and adjusts the orientation of louvers to facilitate natural plant lighting & ventilation (patent pending), and is continuing to advance the technology of sustainability on a daily basis. Currently, Mr. Gaboury is the a board member and on several technical advisory committees for the Resource Innovation Institute, and continues to advance the science of sustainability. In addition to his execution work, Mr. Gaboury has also been actively involved in the regulatory process. He helped to draft the building regulations that Washington State has enacted to increase life safety standards for extraction and processing spaces (F-1 reclassification standards). Mr. Gaboury worked with local utility providers in WA, OR, MA, and NY to develop and implement the incentive and rebate programs available to growers who utilize energysaving equipment and processes. He was also instrumental in the drafting of the nation's first cannabis regulations pertaining to energy usage in Massachusetts, which mandates sustainability standards in cannabis production, and participated in multiple political subcommittees to help local policy makers understand and roll-out the new state laws. In this political outreach role, Mr. Gaboury is an active and leading member in the following professional organizations: Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics, Washington Marijuana Association, National Cannabis Industry Association, American Institute of Architecture, Research Innovation Institute (Chair of the Board) and the Cannabis Alliance (Founding Member).

Matthew Gaboury

Calyx King

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