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Preliminary Schedule

Last edited: 10/30/19

The conference program is being finalized by the Steering Committee.  All content is subject to change.

Monday, February 24


UL8800 Horticultural Lighting Safety Workshop

An overview for growers: How to read your utility bill

RII Technical Advisory Council Working Group meetings

  • Strategic intervention: Educating the market on best practices:

    • Lighting

    • HVAC

    • Policy

    • Utility



  • Cannabis cultivation operation

  • Technology manufacturing facility

Welcome reception / Social activity

Tuesday, February 25

Theme: Applying leanings from cannabis to the broader CEA world

Keynote: The Massachusetts model - Comm. Kay Doyle, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (invited)


Perspectives on indoor agriculture - how drug policy led to illicit indoor production, and its effect on energy and society


Globalization, consolidation, segmentation: The cannabis industry of today - from hemp to THC, what it looks like and where it’s heading


Insights on what the latest data are telling us about energy, carbon and water impacts

The Hort Report - Lighting trends, efficiency considerations, incentive opportunities, manufacturer perspectives and standardization progress


Cultivating with LED lighting best practices


Powering the future, renewing agricultural models: Solar, storage, co-generation


Shaping a policy roadmap for low-carbon agriculture: Siting, standards, incentives, renewables & more


Adapting codes for buildings with plants, not humans

Speaking the language of a grower to motivate behavior change toward efficiency

Wednesday, February 26

​Theme: Our agricultural future and where we go from here

Keynote: Overview of CEA - Dr. Mark Lefsrud, Dept. of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University 


Farms of the Future: Business models, crops, and grow environments

What we’re learning about effective utility models


Precision and price at scale: A technology roadmap for the future of agriculture


Cultivating with HVAC best practices


Benchmarking efficiency in greenhouses


Envisioning a decarbonized agriculture future