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©2020 by Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions Conference. 

Thank you for your interest in covering the Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions Conference


If you are interested in attending as press, please carefully read the requirements below.

  • Press passes will not be given to those intending to film exhibitors for promotional purposes

  • Press passes are limited to no more than one per outlet

  • Press passes will only be given to working members of the press. Publishers, Sales, Business Development, CEO’s, etc will not receive a press pass

  • Press passes are not guaranteed for social media outlets, reality media, newsletters or blogs

  • Press Passes may be limited due to space restrictions as we get closer to the event

  • Sessions may not be filmed or recorded

  • Filming or live shots on the property may be subject to prior approval by the venue.

  • We retain the right to cancel press passes for any reason

To receive your press pass, contact